Christmas presents made of guitar wood offcuts

I have a habit of keeping most of my wood offcuts. It seems like a waste to get rid of any good quality leftover mahogany, maple, cedar, etc used on guitars. This year I decided to make some christmas presents using these offcuts. I set myself the challenge of making something nice but quick.

Here’s a picture of a couple of coasters I made using Spanish cedar offcuts. These came off the side of the stacked heel block of the classical guitar I’m currently building. After a bit of measuring, sawing, planing and scraping, I managed to get two coasters out of the these offcuts. I bevelled the edges slightly using a chisel and then rubbed in a layer of boiled linseed oil:

Spanish cedar coasters, built using offcuts off my classical guitar neck

Spanish cedar coasters, built using classical guitar neck offcuts

I also had some scraps of mahogany off my steel string acoustic neck. I shaped these into two identical rods, which was harder than I thought. Because of the grain direction, I had to plane across the narrow edge of the rods, making it hard to get an even surface along the rod. Next I made a lap joint in the middle of each rod so I could join the rods to create an X shaped trivet. I did this by measuring and then sawing the edges of each channel for the joint. I then chiseled out the wood between the saw cuts. I’m pleased with the result, as this was only the second time that I’d made such a joint (the first time being the x-brace on my steel-string guitar):

Mahogany trivet, made using offcuts off my steel string acoustic guitar neck

Mahogany trivet, made using my steel string acoustic guitar neck offcuts

Mahogany trivets: lap joint

Mahogany trivets: lap joint


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