A new workshop!

Its official, I’m getting a new workshop! I’m renting space at a workshop nearby and will have shared access to the machines and facilities.

Since I don’t know how to use any of the machinery (besides the bandsaw and drill press) I’ll be given some training. This will help me expand the scope of my woodworking, using the machines to dimension and prepare wood myself. The joinery will be done at my new bench. The extra space will allow me to make bigger projects and get my hand tool skills to a higher level. I’ll also be in the company of other woodworkers (some very experienced woodturners and furniture makers), which will make for an excellent environment.

I’ll keep my workbench at home for my guitar building and woodcarving, especially for the more detailed and quiet work. All I really need for that is a table and some tools, but it does mean sorting out what goes to the new workshop and what stays at home.

My workshop

My workshop at home

This is my current workspace at home. It’s in the guest bedroom and our wardrobes are in this room as well. Yes, I have a very supportive wife who tolerates this, but she’s very happy that a lot of the wood and tools will be leaving the flat. Also, an apartment isn’t the best place for chopping mortises and hammering together joints.






And this is my new workshop! I salvaged some wood from the previous tenant and will use that to make a workbench as a first project. More on that to follow soon!

My new workshop with salvaged wood for my workbench

My new workshop with salvaged wood for my workbench

12 thoughts on “A new workshop!

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  2. It’s great to see the before / during …. Can’t wait to see the after’ pics
    Now you have an audience… Don’t waste the opportunity if you need any thing!
    Steve (hunt-gather.co.uk & madebystephenhughes.com)

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