A new workbench and I’m ready to go!

I finished my workbench today. It’s made almost completely out of reclaimed wood (only the top layer of plywood is new). The previous tenant had filled a container full of stuff he didn’t want anymore and it seemed a waste not to use it. He even through away a box of screws and bolts which I used to put the whole thing together, even for attaching the vice.

It was a great experience making this bench as I’ve never made anything this large before and I challenged myself to work with what I had.

I moved all my tools and wood from my flat to the new workshop as well, so now I’m ready to begin!





4 thoughts on “A new workbench and I’m ready to go!

  1. In an era of workbench fads, and one in which bloggers regularly chronicle their year-long bench builds, it is good to see someone build a clean, functional bench in a very timely manner with what they have on hand. I look forward to seeing how you put it to use. And congrats on the new shop digs!

    • Thanks! When I had my workbench at home, I did do some research into making a classic style workbench but simply didn’t have the space to build one. Now I do have the space, but it would have been such a waste not to use what was on hand. Also, the people I share the workshop area are very practically orientated and for them it’s also their business. Being in that environment also influenced my approach. Either way it’s a very satisfying feeling having a bench I’ve made myself!

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