Keepsake box

I wrote my last blog post in May: eek!

I’ve been spending as much time as I can in the workshop and have completed a few projects since my last post: a keepsake box, an ebony chopping board and a corner cupboard. Plus some other things in between.

I’m going to start with the keepsake box. I’ve prepared a few posts about it, which I’ll be publishing over the next week or so.

The keepsake box was for my little nephew, who was born in January this year. A few months before he was born I obtained a nice piece of Dutch Elm for this project. I really like elm. It’s got a varied texture, a deep reddish colour and is nice to work with.

The design of the box was inspired by Paul Sellers’ tool chest on Woodworking Masterclasses. You can read about his tool chest here. My plan was to make a smaller version, with just one drawer.

There are many cool features in this chest which I wanted to try out. For one, it’s got a frame and panel top and bottom – a technique I hadn’t applied until now. Another feature is the lid, which is made by first making the box, fixing the top and bottom and then sawing the box in two. Very scary prospect, but I wanted to try this as well. And third, the drawer. This would be my first ever drawer, so that was also something to look forward to and of course a necessary skill to master.

Anyway, here’s a sneak peak of the end result. I’ll use the next few blogs to document the highlights and share what I learned along the way. Hope you enjoy!

IMG_0140 IMG_8746 IMG_8751

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