Keepsake box: the drawer and lid

After the top and bottom were glued on I sawed the box in two to create the lid. This was actually a lot less scary than I thought it would be. I just took my time, stayed between the lines and before I knew it I was done. I cleaned up the saw cut with a plane to make sure the lid fit onto the box with no gaps. Of course I still needed to install the hinges, but this basically meant the lid was done.

Creating the drawer took almost as long as doing all the dovetailing for the box. I guess this is because making a drawer is like making a box that’s got to fit exactly inside another box. I think that’s tricky.

The box, after sawing

I started by fitting the front of the drawer. I left it slightly oversized so it could be trimmed after the drawer was finished. I cut the half blind dovetails for the drawer sides and the groove for the drawer bottom:

Drawer front and sides

I joined the back of the drawer into the sides using a dado and a through tenon. This might be overkill for such a small drawer, but it was good practice. I also made my own drawer handle, using a technique I saw Paul Sellers use on his tool chest. I think making your own handles just adds a bit more personality to the finished product. Since I had oversized the front slightly, fitting the drawer was a matter of planing a few shavings off the side until the drawer went in snugly:

Drawer, completed

After fitting the drawer, I added the inside base:

The inside of the box

It was starting to look like a box! Next step: the hinges…




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