Keepsake box: finished!

With the hinges installed, all there was left to do was apply the finish, right? Wrong! Now it was time to clean up the box. There were bits of glue and pencil marks that needed cleaning up. I especially hate getting rid of pencil marks. Even though I use a soft lead (2B) pencil, it still takes me ages to get rid of the marks. I find using a scraper or sandpaper are the best ways to get rid of pencil marks. Sometimes even an eraser works. What works best? I find it depends on the mark and the wood, but haven’t found any rules of thumb as yet. A necessary evil I guess.

Finally, the finish. I’m a big fan of Auro wax, which is a combination of boiled linseed oil (BLO) and wax. Its non-toxic and is easy to apply (with a brush or a rag). It can be buffed out after an hour or so, but needs about 24 hours to dry properly. I usually apply three coats. The end result is a finish that protects the wood and is not too glossy (which I like). And while it brings out the grain, it is almost transparent. I find that BLO (even the clear BLO) turns wood a slight yellow/orange colour. This Auro stuff doesn’t do that.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the finished product:

IMG_8728 IMG_8733IMG_8735

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