Rosewood side bent and clamped to shape.

Being one with the wood: bending the sides

Since I got my new workshop I haven’t done much blogging on my guitar building progress. I’m using the workshop for building small pieces of furniture, but I’ve kept some essential tools for guitar building at home and am slowly but steadily progressing on the guitar. I’ll write about my furniture building exploits sometime soon,…

Making a good mess: planing the sides to thickness

Planing the sides: a bit of elbow grease. Or, am I using the right plane?

The other day I spent a few hours planing the rosewood sides of the guitar to thickness. They started at 4mm thick and I wanted to get them down to about 1.7mm. Believe me, that’s a lot of wood! I use a Stanley low-angle block plane for all my guitar building work. It’s small, light,…