A new workshop!

Its official, I’m getting a new workshop! I’m renting space at a workshop nearby and will have shared access to the machines and facilities. Since I don’t know how to use any of the machinery (besides the bandsaw and drill press) I’ll be given some training. This will help me expand the scope of my woodworking,…

Olive wood inlay pieces for the headstock

The headstock continued

Christmas is long over so it’s time for an update on the guitar building. After drilling the holes for the tuning machines, I created the slots for the strings. I did this by marking out the centre line of each slot and used a drill press to remove most of the waste. I then used…

Christmas stars made from off-cuts

Hand made christmas presents

To celebrate the end of the season (today being the Twelfth day of Christmas), here’s an overview of the christmas presents I made this year. The first thing I made was this oloid for my mother. It’s a fun object to make: it has no straight surfaces and numerous different curves. Yet, there’s a very methodological…


Drilling the holes for the tuning machines: damage control!

The classical guitar tuning machines slide into three holes bored through each side of the headstock. The holes need to be perfectly spaced for the tuning machines to slide into the headstock properly. I was nervous about this step since drilling six 10mm holes straight through the side of the headstock seemed like quite a dramatic…

Veneer glued to headstock (final shape)

Shaping and laminating the headstock

Ok, time to get back to my guitar building progress. There’s lot’s of catching up to do! The next few blogs will be about my progress on the headstock. After shaping the neck and heel, I continued on the headstock. First I planed the edges to get the right headstock width and taper. I wanted…


Lost your hearing and balance? Try woodworking!

(Warning? this blog is about how woodworking has helped me through a personal experience) I woke up one morning nearly three months ago with my head spinning. No, I hadn’t drunk too much the night before, everything was just spinning violently around me for no apparent reason. Also, I couldn’t hear out of one ear but…


Shaping the guitar neck and heel – part 1

Carving the heel and neck is great fun. You have to be creative with the tools you have, as the demands on the tools change as the shape develops. I used a chisel, some carving gauges, a draw knife, a block plane and a carving knife at various stages. I also used a scraper blade…